What is ZONE 40?

ZONE 40 in a unique online gaming forum situated inside Blienx Gaming. This forum is for all newbies or elite gamers. Connect and follow other forum members, share product reviews on tech or games. ZONE 40 offers unique rewards program. Clime the ranks by interacting and participating on the forum. Each rank  will award the member with a buying discount, to be used in the Blienx Gaming store. Reward for your passion


ZONE 40 has 5 participation ranks available. Each rank awards the member with great buying discount. Clime the ranks by interacting in the forum through sharing posts. The more you interact, the quicker you will clime the ranks. Members are monitored and promoted at the end of each month. 

Ranks are awarded as follows:

  1. Youngling: 1-4 posts per month

  2. Padawan: 5-9 posts per month

  3. Knight: 10-19 posts per month

  4. Sentinel: 20-29 posts per month

  5. Grand Master: 30 posts & up per month


By being promoted through the ranks, each member will receive a unique discount code. Allowing for awesome discounts on purchases at Blienx Gaming. There are no minimum or maximum requirements on the discounts. Allowing for fun throughout.

Ranks are awarded as follows:

  1. Youngling: 0% discount

  2. Padawan: 2% discount

  3. Knight: 4% discount

  4. Sentinel: 8% discount

  5. Grand Master: 10% discount

Reward Your Passion