Digital Gaming Keys


Blienx Gaming has joined the affiliate program of to bring great deals on digital keys for PC, PlayStation & Xbox games to the South African gamer. Offering a safe option and alternative to buying digital game keys.

What Is Kinguin?

Kinguin is a marketplace platform that enables people who own valid game codes to sell them to other buyers. The platform’s technology verifies that game codes are legitimate, so you can depend on getting a working game code whenever you make a purchase. Game codes are available on Kinguin for a wide range of games. PC games are most popular on the website, but you can also find software keys, operating systems, and other digital products. Nevertheless, game codes are the main product sold on Kinguin. Kinguin was originally launched in 2013 to help people buy legitimate games at cheaper prices. Unlike with torrents and other illicit tools, Kinguin enables you to purchase licenses that are valid on Steam and other major gaming platforms.

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