B - Bux 

What is B - Bux?:

B - Bux is our rewards currency that we use  on www.blienx.com. Clients will earn B - Bux rewards on every transaction made. B - Bux are also used to buy pre-owned games and consoles from clients.

How much is a B - Bux Worth?:

150 B - Bux is worth R1.00. 

How do I earn B - Bux?:

There is multiple ways to earn rewards:

  • Share us on Facebook

  • Like us on Facebook

  • Celebrate your birthday

  • With every R1.00 spend you will earn 3 B - Bux

Pre-Owned Products:

After you have accepted our evaluation and offer on your pre-owned products, B - Bux points will be allocated to your account that can be used to buy and finalize your online payment.

How do I spend my B - Bux?:

Once you have accumulated 150 B - Bux, you can redeem your points online. Once you have redeemed your rewards, you will receive a email with your unique discount code that can be used when finalizing your purchase.